Self Confidence

Self-confidence is the courage to know yourself, believe in yourself, and act on your beliefs. A definition of self-confidence is a positive feeling about oneself and the world that leads to courageous actions born out of a sense of self-respect. Self-confidence means valuing yourself for who you are regardless of the blunders you make, the type of work you do or don’t do, etc. Having high self-confidence means feeling good about yourself; feeling worthy despite imperfections, being courageous enough to stand up for yourself and be assertive, and knowing that you’re worthy of others’ respect and friendship.

Self-confidence and self-esteem are very similar but not quite identical terms. Self-confidence can be defined as positive feelings about self and world that impact someone’s actions. Self-esteem is sometimes described as the degree to which someone values him/herself. Some steps to build self-confidence are:

  • Developing a sense of yourself
  • Accepting yourself as you are
  • Live fully in the present
  • Developing your whole self.